South Bend Parks Youth Fishing Day is an action-packed day of fun for children between the ages of 7 and 17.  It combines safety, education, skill building and competition which will leave a lifelong experience for the 100 annual participants.

Youth Fishing Day is a partnership between the Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife and Division of Law Enforcement, South Bend Parks & Recreation Department, local conservation organizations, and local businesses.

Activities includes: Water safety, conservation, fish identification, learning to cast, fish cleaning, sportsmanship and much, much more.

For two years running, through private donations, every child has received a combination rod and reel and a bait box to use for the afternoon fishing competition.  Upon successfully completing the program, the participants are awarded the fishing gear and certificate of completion. Additional prizes are awarded to the top 5 anglers for the largest fish caught.

Fishing has no age limits or barriers to entry. It brings a lifetime of fun, adventure and stories that will be told over and over.   Your suggested gift of $30.00 will outfit one child angler for the 2014 Gone Fishin’ Youth Fishing Day.

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