South Bend Parks & Recreation has been a jewel in the community for over 136 years; it has been host to public, private, and national events and has left lasting memories of fun times for many families.

For those with varying physical needs, however, access to these memories has too often been limited.

Miracle Park is planned to be an accessible and universally designed park facility offering recreational facilities and components for the use and enjoyment of persons (youth and adult) with special needs.  Now, they too will be able to participate in baseball/softball, basketball and other sports.  One of the main components of Miracle Park will be the Miracle League Diamond.  The Miracle League proudly serves over 200,000 children & adults with disabilities nationwide.

The Miracle League’s goal is to offer this program to every city in the country for children, young adults and adults alike with special needs.  While Miracle Park will be developed and operated by South Bend Parks & Recreation, the facility will be used by a variety of strategic stakeholders within our community.

Miracle Park will reach out and touch families from around the nation  and will be found right here in our community   You can join in the excitement of bring Miracle Park to our community by contributing today.

Miracles do happen and you can make a difference in our community and in the lives of many families.