Why Your Support Matters

South Bend Parks & Recreation is truly one of our city’s greatest treasures.  Parks improve the quality of life for us, for our friends and family, and for our neighbors.  Parks add to the natural beauty of our surroundings, enhance our environment, provide valuable learning opportunities and programs for our children, improve property values, encourage significant economic benefits, and create lifelong memories for those in our community.

South Bend Parks & Recreation, in particular, is renowned nationally for its quality.  Only a small percentage of parks systems throughout the country have earned the prestigious Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) designation—South Bend Parks and Recreation is one of them.

Our parks matter in the lives of our residents, and we’re fortunate to have such a strong system right here in our own backyard.  As members of this community, we have a responsibility to remain faithful stewards of this precious resource, providing the support that it requires for generations to come.

South Bend Parks and Recreation receives its funding largely through tax support.  As this base has dwindled in recent years, and as local, state, and national governments look to trim costs, the financial support to maintain a top-tier parks system must come from additional sources.  Many communities have turned to park foundations to provide a vehicle to seek out this support.